How to save a life in case of a heart attack!

Each year, around 600,000 people die from a heart disease in US alone. Around 7,50,000 american have a heart attack every year.

Latest studies reveal that Chest compression alone are the most effective way for an untrained bystander to save a life after an adult collapses from heart attack [cardiac arrest].

The procedure also known as CPR or Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation is a procedure carried out to restore the functions of breathing and blood flow.doing cpr

It is an emergency treatment which saves your life in case you had cardiac arrest. CPR is given to persons who have lost their normal breathing and it ought to be performed quickly and successfully prior to taking the client to the healthcare facility.

CPR doubles the chances of survival from sudden cardiac arrest. The first 10 minutes are the most critical.

For every minute the person is not breathing, the chance of survival decrease by 10%. Brain damage starts to develop in 4 minutes.

The procedure of CPR is easy and you can quickly master it if you get trained.The patient should be made to lie down on the floor and his chest need to be compressed for minimum 5cm deep and the rate of compression made ought to be at least 100 times per minute. By making the pumping action the patient is assisted to restore his breathing functions and blood circulation. Apart from this, training is also given to force respiration by breathing out air into the mouth of the patient. In some cases unique devices are used for pumping air into the lungs of the client. This treatment of offering artificial respiration is called ventilation.

In many cases, CPR alone is not enough to recuperate the patient. It can help to regulate the blood circulation to the brain and to delay the tissue death of the brain until help arrives. The subject should be given electrical shock using defibrillation method to restore the functions of the heart. If the CPR is started within 4 minutes and defibrillation is given within 10 minutes, the person has a 40% chance of survival.


If you take training in correct training institutes you can assist the patient to survive in critical times. When someone gets a heart attack, most people in the space will be in a state of shock and panic and nobody may provide first aid  immediately. In such cases, within few seconds of heart attack, the person will be unable to breathe and it stops the blood supply to the brain. The brain damage will steadily set in and it might end his life. In such a circumstance you shouldn’t wait for a medical professional. Anybody who has actually gone through CPR training can help to conserve the person’s life. You can simply spring into action and provide artificial respiration and assist in the blood supply to the heart by effective CPR technique.

It does not require a medical degree to get the certificate of CPR and emergency treatment training. After finishing the training you can quickly discover some task like mentor to offer training. Apart from that you will be saving human life which is invaluable and think what does it cost? the household of the affected person would thank your prompt aid. The training classes are offered by number of personal companies and in high schools

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