Routine Blood test could point to Cancer Risk!

High Calcium levels in the blood could give an early ctumourautioning of specific malignancies, particularly in men, research has indicated.

Indeed somewhat raised blood levels of calcium in men was connected with an expanded danger of malignancy judgment inside one year.

The revelation, reported in the British Diary of Disease, raises the possibility of a straightforward blood test to support the early discovery of growth in high hazard patients.

Hypercalcaemia – a higher than typical calcium perusing – was connected with an extensive variety of growths, predominantly lung, prostate, breast, bowel, and those influencing the blood, for… Read more »

Can a banned herb Cure Alzheimer’s!


Have you tried everything you can think of to beat your loved one’s Alzheimers, but in vain?

Trust me, I know what it’s like. I have lived literally a quarter of my life seeing my grandmother having to deal with her soulmate of a life time, not even recognizing her.

There’s nothing more soul-destroying than to see your loved one suffer from Alzheimers, and you having to watch it helpless day in day out.

Well medical science now say, there is reason for hope. And that hope comes from an unexpected source – a widely ridiculed and banned herb, straight… Read more »

Is exercise good for arthritis?

arthritisAt the point when torment strikes, its personal inclination to abstain from doing things that bother it. That is unquestionably the case for individuals with joint inflammation, a large number of whom have a tendency to keep away from activity when a hip, knee, lower leg or other joint damages. In spite of the fact that that technique appears to bode well, it may hurt more than help.

Going out for a stroll on most days of the week can really straightforwardness joint inflammation torment and enhance different manifestations. It’s additionally useful for the heart, mind, and each other piece… Read more »

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